NGV 1 Type Filling Valve (S.S.)

We are manufacturer and supplier of CNG filling valves of NGV1 type from stainless steel. This design is used for light duty vehicles. We manufacture valves using CNC machines of latest technology which gives accuracy, precision and interchangeability. We are having technical team with deep knowledge and vast experience in the field. All the valves are inspected with measuring equipments and gauges before assembly. Also, every valve is checked for leakage using high pressure leakage testing system for quality assurance.

Some of the features of our valve include:

  • Product specification as per ISO 15500
  • Suitable for light duty vehicles
  • Designed to work satisfactorily in low and high temperature conditions
  • Designed to withstand high pressure during service
  • CNC Machining for precision, interchangeability and long service life
  • Available in standard thread sizes
  • Special flow dynamic profile to avoid chattering noise during refuelling